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The Key to Mastery is Having a Sales Coach

I’m Grant Courtney – The Sales Coach. My knowledge and insight comes from more than 25 years of constant practice in the sales arena; and  from daily observation and coaching my sales team.  Helping my team reach their goals has always been a passion of mine.  Today it is my privilege to be able to coach staff and sales teams across South Africa.

My mission is to help you to become successful, to realise your goals and take your sales skills to Mastery Level.

In my experience the key to success is to develop yourself and continue to grow. Most training courses lean heavily towards imparting  knowledge, but learning comes from experience, and skills are developed through practice. What’s more, sales coaching is not only about creating an opportunity to practice.  It is much more than a master class in the art of selling. It is about creating a safe thinking environment, a space for gaining an understanding of how communication plays a role in influencing decision making.



Selling Skills

Over a period of six to eight months The Sales Coach will provide regular, instructor-led workshops and classroom-style training sessions at your premises.  This holistic training involves gaining an understanding of your sales team, business environment and product or service, to ensure the training series is comprehensive and geared to your team’s needs.

Communication Skills

The Sales Coach provides a series of group training sessions aimed at providing insight regarding verbal and non-verbal communication; giving learning on how to make better use of communication skills in sales. Communication is made up by 50% of what you see, 30% of what you hear and only 20% is based on content.  It goes without saying that body language is very important when selling. These training presentations are helpful for salespeople and non-sales-related staff alike, and pave the way for improved communication in a business environment.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating is a part of everyday life, but in selling having well developed negotiation skills is particularly critical to success. The Sales Coach provides negotiation skills training aimed at teaching a range of negotiation skills to ensure that you always remain in control of the negotiation process and reach a win-win outcome. Negotiation is an important part of the sales process and not reaching agreement on the terms of a sale will kill more sales dead than failing to have a solution that solves your clients’ problems.


The Flow of the Call

When selling on the phone, often salespeople do not understand how to structure a call. Every sales call, from a cold call to a closing call, should follow a pre-planned structure that is designed to increase the likelihood of reaching a desired result.  Let me show you how not to commit a HAYT Crime:  “How Are You Today?”  Learn how to develop a professional greeting and start all sales calls on a good note by answering the questions in your customers mind:  Who is calling? Where are they from? What do they want?  What’s in it for me?

Quality Questions

Why do your prospects have to make your job so difficult?  Why do they put up defences just because you ask them a couple of qualifying questions? I’ve got good news for you:  It’s not that your prospects are being difficult… your questioning technique needs to be honed.  There are many ways to improve your questioning techniques, but to become really great at asking questions, you need to shift into a different mental gear.  The Quality of your questions will determine the quality of your sales.  Let me teach you not be a “survey salesman”.

The Science of Persuasion

Let me show you how you can improve your sales presentation and communication skills to give you a competitive advantage.  We all have the power to capture the public, influence the undecided, and motivate purchases. There’s no magic involved, but rather using an understanding of the science of persuasion or science of influence that comes from social psychology. If you think that success is only based on luck, you’re going to change your mind as soon as you understand some of the most powerful tools for getting clients and making sales.


Here’s some of the feedback we’ve had from our clients…

We approached Grant about 10 months ago. His brief was to help us increase our sales figures. He assessed what we had in place, our staffs’ skill level and then implemented structure and started with training sessions. Once we started seeing results, we asked him to focus on another area of our business – Grant immediately jumped to the new challenge. His commitment to our teams, their progress and the wellbeing of the company is a very rare find.

Annuscha van Dyk, Rent-a-Cheapie

Grant has been such a light of inspiration in my life!  I have learned some beautiful techniques to create trust with my clients and close more deals and ultimately create long-lasting professional relationships which encourage repeat business.  Grant I so appreciate you!

Leigh Joy Mansel-Pleydell, Leigh Joy Inspires

The value you have provided to Recycle 1st extended beyond your sales coaching, I am very grateful for your sales coaching and all the valuable information you have shared with me on presentations and business in general! God Bless you.

Anthea, Recycle 1st

The quality of Grant’s coaching is second to none! We welcomed Grant for a few weeks and he trained our team to look for the right signs, and work a sale properly so that both buyer and seller come away as winners. The value he added to our business cannot be measured!

Eric von Bratt, Engage24


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