Do you have a sales coach?

How do companies manage to achieve their sales targets?  With current economic trends clearly contributing to these difficult times, training is the one of the most important elements missing in many companies’ planning.

Training, and particularly sales training, is often relegated into an intensive classroom experience where the goal is to learn as much as possible in a limited period of time.  This is tantamount to a coach trying to teach you all the skills needed to play golf, rugby or cricket in a few days; it just won’t work. Without repeated coaching, practice and reinforcement the sales person will never attain mastery.  (The ladder of Mastery).  It is essential that the sales person is able to learn, retain and apply more than just a small percentage of what is discussed in a training session.

Most training courses are standard, and training efforts are focused exclusively on skills and technique.  Any newly learnt skills are destined to fail without a committed change in the overall sales approach.  By not spending the time required on ongoing sales training, the training winds up being half-baked, or fragmented, making the application of the skill learnt ineffective.

Most sales managers are busy “making the numbers” and don’t have time to address the overall coaching and mentoring needs of their sales staff. 

With the absence of a well thought out approach to sales training, most training expenditure is spent with the best intentions to equip sales staff, but is largely a waste of money.  Without ongoing learning and reinforcement, more than half of learning content and skills are not retained, and in some cases are not even applied, by sales staff.  Very few companies implement the necessary assessments to measure or to determine if their sales training investment is yielding the correct outcome.


We Do! Training that pays for itself.


Controlled workshops and events remain an essential part of sales training. The Sales Coach offers scheduled instructor-led training and review sessions, as well as classroom instruction for sales skills training. Better known as formal training, this involves careful planning to make sure the programmes are comprehensive and complete.

Don't tell, SELL!


Your sales team can regularly use both a scheduled or “on-call” session for reinforcement, or assistance - “how to”. This helps with the implementation of skills sets that they have learnt. I am effectively“on-call”for your team if they need assistance. This can be used to support new salespeople or where the training needs vary. Salespeople come for different backgrounds with different abilities, so my contact with each one will differ according to their needs.


The key to this training is to have selling tips and instant advice regarding your day-to-day concerns in the field. On-the-job training also assists in making sure that sales skills are being used correctly. This is also known as informal training, where you are guiding salespeople’s daily activities and advising on improvements that should be made. Informal on-the-spot instruction is vital in the development of salespeople. The knowledge and skills are imparted and the knowledge is implemented in this informal instruction.

Who is The Sales Coach?

The origin of the word “Coach” comes from the French word coche. It derives from the Hungarian town of Kocs, where the first coach/wagon was built in the sixteenth century. As a verb, “to coach” was
to convey a valued person from where they were to where they wanted to be.

Coaching is a new discipline emerging in South African business. I'm Grant Courtney and my knowledge comes for more than 25 years of constant effort and practice in the sales arena, and from daily observation and coaching of others.

Learning comes from experience. Coaching is not about only doing but about creating a safe thinking environment, a space for thinking about feelings and creative decision making.

Training should address people on attitude, behaviour and techniques. For a professional approach to your future path of sales training, you need The Sales Coach.

“Grant has a very special way of empowering and motivating people at the same time by giving them the tools needed to be confident in dealing with specific and everyday situations in the sales environment. The lessons I have learnt have made a big difference in the way I operate and subsequently in my sales figures. Any business will benefit hugely by having a competent and confident sales team after being Coached by Grant!”
- Coenraad Scheepers, Sales and Buying - Kloppers

“I have worked alongside Grant Courtney for some years and during this time, had the pleasure of not only being trained by him, but also witnessed his many "on - site" customer training sessions. Grant engages with attendees of all levels and groups of all sizes, in an interactive and thought provoking manner, keeping them focused and attentive. The outcome is reflected through the results. I have no hesitation in referring Grant for any training requirements, and should the need arise, would most definitely use his services."
- Stuart Auty, Sales & Marketing Director - JAST Agencies (PTY) Ltd